Grow Value

eJP has managed 3 Series of Investments, the total realized plus current carrying value equals US$1 Billion. In 2014, the 24 companies we have invested in since the firm's inception generated US$4 Billion in revenue and created 14,000 jobs.

Veolia EnvironVest Services (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

The market for environmental services in China in 2015 will be over $726 Billion USD. Over 50% of this demand comes from waste handling and recycling 80% of this demand comes from China's East Coast. Veolia EnviroVest Services(Nanjing) Co., Ltd. is one of the portfolio companies in this market that eJnnn is currently servicing.

Project Background:

  • It was a project company established by VES (Veolia Environment Service) in 2008. eJnnn invested as majority-stake acquisition in 2014.
  • The plant is located in Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone and covers an area of 37,000 square meters. It is one of the only 2 licensed hazardous waste treatment plants in Nanjing.
  • Licensed Capacity: 28,200 metric tons per year.

Main Activities:

  • Collection, transportation, storage, and treatment of 19 kinds of industrial waste, including waste pesticide, waste oil, waste resin, waste organic acid, waste organic alkali and waste organic solvent.

Operater's Excellence:

  • Technology, processing and equipment: treating capacity and standard of original equipments have been improved.
  • Stringent environmental protection measures: The Company has established a modern decontamination system to control the release of vent gas, including quenching, neutralization, adsorption and dust removing.
  • Advanced logistics, storage system: the Company has a system for the detailed analysis and storage of hazardous waste to insure operations in order and security of the staff.
  • Modernized enterprise management: strict waste collection, transportation, ins and outs of management is computerized. Explicit responsibility, regular training and examination system has been established to motivate staff.

Hunan Fengyue Environment Co.Ltd (FYEC)

Market Opportunity:

  • China controls over 50% of the worlds refined indium, a rare earth.

In 2012 we made an investment of US$5M into in Hunan Fengyue Environment Co.Ltd (FYEC) for a 4.1% stake of the business.

  • FYEC is based in Hunan Province and is a leader in recovering usable materials from the waste generated by indium mining. The company recovers mainly indium, zinc, lead, and other metals, including silver, copper.
  • The company’s key suppliers are large indium mining companies in the Chinese mining industry.

As part of our investment, we were able to secure the board chairman seat and we were actively engaged in shaping the direction of the business

  • Our investment was used to increase capacity and upgrade the company’s technological process. Partnering with the management team at FYEC, together we develop the company with capital, strategic resources and operational expertise in order to accelerate its growth.

We exited in 2014 through a strategic sale to Shanghai Dingli Technology & Development, a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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