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Visionary Experience

Our investment teams consist of successful and sophisticated professionals who have individually and collectively executed over 100 transactions from both buy-side and sell-sides; all partners have over 20 years of investment experience.

Our operation and project management teams of professionals have demonstrated exceptional leadership in project construction, production management, human resource, and people skills. The operation teams remain closely connected with the investment teams while overseeing portfolio companies to ensure they operate with high efficiency and within expectations.

In addition, we also have a team of seasoned and influential Westerners and Western‐educated Chinese on our advisory board and expert panel to assist with deal sourcing and provide expert opinions on the industry, technology and market matters.

I had worked with eJP for over a decade where I represented Bank of China. I trust them, and have a lot of respect for all that they have accomplished and the great value they have delivered to clients over the years. With eJP's global expertise and socially responsible investment strategies, I am confident that our partnership going forward will continue to be extremely successful.

-- Voice from Bank of China

With considerable efforts from both parties, eJP has done a great job with OEP in exploring transactions in China as well as looking to make good investments in those opportunities.

-- Voice from JP Morgan

Global Team Structure

Management Team & Bios

Advisory Board & Bios

Expert Panel & Bios



Margot Song

Founding & Managing Partner, CEO

eJnnn Phecda Partners (eJP) is a global investment manager founded by Ms. Margot Song. eJP specializes in investing in the environmental service industry, with offices and representatives in the U.S. (New York), China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing) and Europe (Paris and Hannover).

Ms. Margot Song founded eJP single-handedly in 2002, after spending 10 years at Bank of China and having risen through the corporate ladder to senior leadership position. The rare combination of entrepreneurship, investment talent, risk management rigor and interpersonal skills in the founder propelled eJP as a company into the success of 3 funds that followed.

In 2002, Ms. Song led eJP's private equity investment debut with the acquisition of Meida Nylon Chemical Co., the largest Chinese manufacturer of nylon chips and served in the role of executive director for over 6 years, and grew the company into a leading player of high-end polyamide chips in Asia. Since then, Ms. Song assembled and led an investment team that has generated extraordinary track records and has been actively working with European leading companies in environmental services.

eJP’s investment success and contribution to the environment and the well-being of the society were recognized from the highest levels of the European and Chinese governments, during Ms. Song’s meeting with the French Prime Minister, Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve in Beijing February 2017. Likewise, Mr. ZHANG Ping, Vice Chairman in charge of environmental legislation at the National Party Congress (NPC) praised eJP’s business as an “exemplary” in investment success and social impact during his recent visit and meeting with Ms. Song in Nanjing in July 2017.

Ms. Song has an EMBA degree from Peking University, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Shanghai Fudan University.



Leo Luo

Co-founder, Partner, COO

Mr. Luo is the Co-founder and a member of the Investment Committee. His breadth of experience across the IT and corporate sector and deep knowledge of the region provides him with the ability to help lead eJP through its’ next stage of development in China, and to help to integrate the China practice into the global eJP firm. Mr. Luo has been closely involved in all of eJP’s prior investments, and focused his primary attention on the strategy support of these investments and the recruitment of management team and team building for eJP portfolio companies. Mr. Luo is a member of the Board of Directors of Nanjing Veolia EnvironVest Services Co.

Prior to joining eJP, Mr. Luo was senior manager of HP in China and led a professional team to provide consulting and delivery services to worldwide customers.

Mr. Luo holds an EMBA degree of Peking University and a B.S. in Machinery Manufacture from Yanshan University.



J. Serina Shi, CFA, CAIA

Partner, Managing Director, US

With two decades of investment experience both in the U.S. and from China, Ms. Shi commands an in-depth understanding of the global investment markets. Her depth of knowledge evolves as a result of an expansive sector and industry coverage, as well as her solid credentials.

Prior to joining eJnnn, Ms. Shi was a director at Prudential Investments’ Strategic Investment Research Group (SIRG), a manager due diligence & investment consulting unit as well as internal gate keeper on all of Prudential’s external investment managers, with over $220 billion in assets under advisement and over $50 billion in multi-manager portfolio assets in both traditional and alternative asset classes. Ms. Shi was responsible for selecting investment manager on behalf of large institutional clients and providing recommendations on asset allocations. In this capacity, Ms. Shi frequently interacted with world-class investment managers, CIOs, portfolio managers and institutional investors. From these exposures, she developed and continuously refined her views on everything investment-related, from global central bank policies, capital market dynamics to company fundamentals and valuation matters, while applying a risk-based approach to her analysis and recommendation. Prior to 2008, Ms. Shi had worked at Aberdeen Asset Management as a Senior Performance Analyst and PNC Advisors as Head of Quantitative Analysis at the Municipal Investment Group (MIG), respectively. Her prior experiences in China included a key position with Jiangmen International Trust and Investment Co(JITIC), the lead underwriter in the IPO of Guanghong Konggu (stock code: 000529) and Guangdong Ganhua (stock code: 000576), two large manufacturing companies based in Jiangmen. The two firms went public and are listed in China’s Shengzhen Stock Exchange.

Ms. Shi joined eJP as a partner in July 2015. Her extensive knowledge and experience in both the U.S. and the Chinese capital and security markets will serve as a gateway to eJP’s global investors. She is a member of the Investment Committee at eJP and is instrumental in eJP’s communications with its investors and prospects.

Ms. Shi holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designations. She received a MBA degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a Bachelor of Economics in International Finance from Fudan University in Shanghai, China.



Dr. Dan Zhou


Dr. Zhou has more than 20 years of experience as a high-level corporate banker, financial advisor and private equity professional. Dr. Zhou was a Research Analyst with China Construction Bank and Shenyin & Wanguo Securities Co., the oldest securities firm in China. He has served as a financial and management advisor to private and public companies before joining eJP in 2004.

Dr. Zhou has led investments in many growth companies. Many of these investments have successfully grown their businesses and became publicly listed companies on China’s stock exchanges.

In 2012, Dr. Zhou led a successful investment in FengYue Environmental Services Company Limited, a leading recycler of industrial heavy metals and composite alloys. FengYue was subsequently merged to Shanghai Dingli, a listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600614.SH) with a valuation several times the original investment.

Dr. Zhou holds a Ph.D. from Xiamen University and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Shanghai Fudan University.



Min Lou


Mr. Lou is a pioneer in China's investment banking and private equity industry with more than 18 years of experience. From 1992 to 2006, Mr. Lou ran the investment banking business of Southern Securities, one of the biggest securities firms in China. From 2006 to 2009, Mr. Lou was the senior vice president of Industrial Security Co., one of top ten state-owned security companies in China, and has directed numerous public placing (IPOs) in China’ stock exchanges. Prior to joining eJP, Mr. Lou was the chairman and CEO of Shanghai Xingye Investment Management Company, the investment arm of Industrial Security Co. and led the completion of a series of principal investments on growing companies.

One of those is Sailhero Environmental Protection High-Tech Company Limited, a leading provider of monitoring equipment for air, water, soil, and biological micro-organisms. In 2010 SailHero was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully.

Mr. Lou was a member of the Investment Banking Committee of the Securities Association of China, and has deep industry experience and solid credentials in investments and security valuation.

Mr. Lou earned a Master’s Degree in Economics of Financial Research at People's Bank of China and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Shanghai Fudan University.



Dongwen (Don) Guan

Project Director

Mr. Guan has over 20 years of experience in the infrastructure building and management of chemical and industrial companies. He was the head of Global Procurement for Asia’s largest nylon chips manufacture company, running an annual procurement budget of nearly $300 million prior to joining eJP.

He is intimately familiar with solid waste operations and management from various perspectives, including equipment deployment, technology, and human resources management. Since joining eJP as a project partner and a general manager of the portfolio company, he led a majority of the environmental services project development and was heavily involved in the acquisition of Nanjing Veolia EnvironVest Company. Mr. Guan acted as the Managing Director of Nanjing Veolia EnvironVest and was responsible for project construction and operation management.

Mr. Guan holds an MBA degree in Supply Chain Management from University of British Columbia and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Shanghai Jiaotong University.



Jian Wang

Managing Director

Mr. Wang Jian has more than 20 years of senior management experience in a variety of companies, from fast consumer products companies to manufacturing. His is well versed in strategy planning, human resource management, manufacturing, branding, sales & marketing. His strong caliber in leadership, project management and people skills is widely recognized.

Mr. Wang started his career with eJnnn Phecda Partners in 2008 and contributed to the operation management development in traditional industries such as consumer oriented products. Since 2014, eJnnn Phecda’s acquisition of the majority of Veolia Environmental Services (Nanjing) (changed name to Veolia EnviroVest (Nanjing)), Mr. Wang has been taking charge of the operational management of the company. As the General Manager, he is fully responsible for the site management of the Nanjing project under construction. As a leader, he oversees project construction, installation and trial production to ensure the project progresses as planned, with quality and investment schedule under the full control of the management team he leads.

Mr. Wang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Anhui University.



Haojun Bai

Project Director

Mr. Bai has more than 20 years’ senior management experience in variety manufacturing companies with expertise in construction admin, vendors management, and sales and marketing. He has exceptional project management ability and communication skills.

Mr. Bai has commenced his career in Nanjing Veolia EnvironVest Co. Ltd as the Vice General Manager from Dec 2014, who is fully responsible for the project construction, installation and trial production. His organizational ability and leadership has well recognized.

Mr. Bai holds a Bachelor degree in China University of Political Science and Law.



Danna Xing

Investment Director

Ms. Xing has an extended background on deal appraisals and advising merger and requisitions (M&As). Prior to joining eJnnn, she was a senior auditor with Lixin Accounting Firm, one of China's biggest accounting firms. Over the past ten years, Ms. Xing has involved in more than one hundred M&A transactions where she either provided audit opinion as an auditor or deal appraisals as an investment director.

Ms. Xing received her M.B.A. from Wuhan University; she is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Tax Agent.



Ryan Shih

Partner, Managing Director, HK

Mr. Shih is a project partner of our firm. Mr. Shih has extensive experience in buyouts, corporate divestitures, and cross-border mergers & acquisitions. Prior to joining eJnnn he was a Partner at One Equity Partners, a $12 billion private equity fund under JPMorgan. Mr. Shih founded One Equity Partner's operations in Asia. His investment experience includes companies in the healthcare, alternative energy, new materials, telecom, and Internet sectors, among others.

Prior to One Equity Partners, Mr. Shih was an industry banker at both Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank covering the semiconductor, alternative energy, media, and hardware sectors. Mr. Shih was also an attorney at Skadden Arps focused on capital markets and M&A.

Mr. Shih is currently on the board of Silergy Corp, a publicly traded, leading analog semiconductor company as well as on the boards of a number of other private companies in the technology and telecom industries.

Mr. Shih holds a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School and B.S. in Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering from the United States Military Academy at West Point. He left the US Army as a captain prior to his financial services career.

In his spare time Mr. Shih rides motorcycles and is an avid pilot with over 1000-hours flown in a variety of airplanes and helicopters.



Danny Y. Wang

Managing Director, HK

Mr. Wang has extensive experience in cross-border mergers & acquisitions. Mr. Wang’s investment experience includes companies in the healthcare, chemicals and TMT sectors, among others. Mr. Wang has more than ten years of investment, M&A and strategic planning experience. He also has a legal background focusing on cross-border transactions.

Mr. Wang is currently a supervisor of ​EnviroVest Services(Guangzhou) Limted​, a portfolio company of eJnnn.



Yu Zhang

Marketing Director, Europe

Having spent years living and working in Paris, Miss Zhang commands an in-depth understanding of the global multi-cultural business markets. With her fluent French and exquisite tastes of wine, Miss Zhang was in charged fine wine exports in the China market and public relations in France in various transnational projects.

As a graduate of the INSEEC Business School in Paris, Miss Zhang participated in major investment activities between China and France which allowed her to be familiar not only with environmental services projects, but also with eJP's other international acquisitions.

Miss Zhang holds the British WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust) designation. She received MBA degree from INSEEC Business School in Paris majoring in wine business, and a bachelor‘s degree in Business English from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law in Wuhan, China.



Bruno Gensburger

Business Director, France

Graduated from the French National Asian Studies Institute, Mr. Gensburger started his career in China in 1985, representing the French aerospace industries at Office Général de l’Air (OGA) in Beijing. Then, he went back to Paris and graduated from Ecole Supérieure d’Interprètes et de Traducteurs (ESIT) to become a free-lance simultaneous interpreter for the French Groups, the U.N. family organizations, the French Government and the international summits for about 10 years.

In 1999, Mr. Gensburger started his diplomatic career at the French Embassy in China as Commercial Attaché, Political Counsellor. He was the French Official interpreter for all the high-level delegations, namely for France’s Presidents, Valery Giscard-d’Estaing, Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, and was involved in the heart of the main French-Chinese negotiations.

Started from 2009, Mr. Gensburger had been working for SANOFI China as Government Affairs Director for 6 years, bringing in almost 30 years of privileged ties with the Chinese, E.U. and French high-ranking officials to lobby on sensitive healthcare and immunization issues.

Mr. Gensburger’s election as Vice-President of the European Chamber of Commerce in China – EUCCC (2012) and Vice-President of the French Chamber of Commerce in China – CCIFC – (2013) have strengthened his position to better coordinate EU efforts on China market access.

In 2015, after 16 years of continuous presence in China, Bruno settled back in Paris and created his own consulting firm, specialized in high-level Government relations to support Chinese and European investors. Besides being Administrator of the Victor Segalen Foundation, he was appointed in 2016 as General Secretary of the France China Foundation in Paris well known for for its famous “France-China Young Leaders Program”. Bruno has developed a unique and comprehensive expertise to ease, accelerate and secure cross-border ties between Euro-China investors and officials.



Jeff Wang

Investment Director

Mr. Jeff WANG joined eJP as an Investment Director in 2014. During his years at eJP, Mr. WANG worked on numerous investments in the environmental services and recycling industries. Mr. WANG is a director of EnviroVest Services Co., LTD. Prior to joining eJP, Mr. WANG worked at TIANFENG Securities Co. in investment banking business.

Mr. WANG holds a B.S. in Material Physics Science from the DALIAN Science University. Mr. WANG is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in China.



Andy Solomon

Investment Director

Mr. Solomon has over two decades of experience in investing, trading, risk management, enterprise financial and production management. His strong analytical skills, extremely hands on capability, impeccable business and legal credentials, combined with his real world investment, industrial management experience and legal background contributed greatly and will continue to benefit eJP’s global business development.

Mr. Solomon holds a degree of Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School of Stanford University and MBA, BS in Economics from Wharton Graduate School of Business of University of Pennsylvania.



Haibo TANG

Senior Associate

Mr. Tang joined eJP in 2015 based in New York. He is a finance and economics professional with excellent credential, analytical abilities and communication skills. Haibo is highly proficient in statistics and econometrics, with 10+ years of experience using SAS and STATA to process big data sets for empirical studies of stock prices and corporate finance. Prior to joining eJP, Mr. Tang worked at the Yale University, and has formulated an in-depth insight on mergers and acquisitions and how they impact asset pricing in both public and private equity investments, behavioral finance, and corporate governance, through years of research work.

Mr. Tang holds a Master's degree in Finance from Yale University, and has completed all required credits for a PhD degree in Finance from Yale University.



Dr. Klaus Ritter

Chief Scientist, Germany

Dr. Ritter is internationally recognized as interdisciplinary scientist. In his career Dr. Klaus Ritter has passed through lots of important sites of the German energy and environment management. As scientist he initially worked at the Aachen University of Technology and at the nuclear research centre, Jülich. Afterwards he worked as general manager for professional, technical and scientific associations of the German energy and water supply sector. Nowadays he is the president of EITEP, Euro Institute for Information and Technology Transfer.

Dr. Ritter develops international projects in the field of energy, water, in environmental protection and infrastructure and is publisher of international professional journals. He develops international conferences. He was engaged in various international projects that have been partly financed by bodies like GTZ, federal Ministries and third parties. During his placement as general manager of the technical and scientific associations DELIWA and DVGW he was responsible for the implementation of regulations for water, energy and gas supply and transportation.

Dr. Ritter earns a PH.D of engineering examination, Germany. Dissertation subject: “Examination of Cooling Anthropogenically Heated River Water with particular regard to Evaporation”; RWTH Aachen University: Studied Civil Engineering at the concentrating on Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering, Road Construction and Municipal Engineering like solid waste disposal.



Heinz Schumacher

EU Advisor

Mr. Schumacher has over 40 years of management experience and an extensive network of contacts throughout Europe. He was the member of Chamber of Commerce of Bielefeld, Germany.

Mr. Schumacher has over 40 years management experiences in global business. Prior to found the GLOBE IMPEX in 1996, Mr. Schumacher served as the managing director and export director of Sales and Marketing Poggenpohl Kitchen Furniture Co. between Asia (China) and Europe for 24 years. He made a great contribution to his jobs and achieved complements from clients and team.

In 2001, benefited to the rich experiences in global business and deep understanding of Europe and China market, Mr. Schumacher successfully develop Sino-Germany investment chances for both German and Chinese investors under Chamber of Commerce Bielefeld to devote a lot of efforts on China-German business cooperation.



Zili Shao

Asia Advisor

Mr. Shao Zili, former chairman and chief executive of JP Morgan China and Asia Pacific,currently is co-chairman of its China management committee of King &Wood Mallesons (KWM).

Mr. Shao was recruited by JP Morgan in 2010 to head its China practice, and presided over a period of growth in the bank’s China operations. Prior to joining JP Morgan, he worked for Linklaters and was named as Asia managing partner in May 2009. Before that he was managing partner for Greater China since 2003 and headed the firm’s China practice from 1998 to 2003.

Mr. Shao is a specialist in China-related mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring and foreign direct investment.



Mitchell I. Quain

Senior Advisor, US

Mitchell I. Quain, is a Senior Advisor to eJnnn Phecda Partners. He is also a Senior Advisor to Carlyle Group, having retired as a Partner at One Equity Partners. A Chartered Financial Analyst and “Financial Expert”, he serves on the Board of Directors of AstroNova, Inc., Hardinge, Inc., Jason Industries and RBC Bearings Inc.

Previously, Mitchell served on the Boards of publicly traded DeCrane Aircraft Holdings, Inc., Handy and Harmon Inc., HEICO Corporation, MagneTek, Inc., Mechanical Dynamics, Inc., Strategic Distribution, Tecumseh Products Company and Titan International and was Executive Chairman of the Board of In 2015, he oversaw, as Chairman of MagneTek, its successful sale (at a 600% premium to its price four years ago) and, as Chairman of the Finance Committee of Tecumseh, its successful sale (at a 155% premium to its previous day's price).

Mitchell is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Overseers of The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and has served for 10 years on Penn’s Board of Trustees. He has served for 9 years on the Board and Executive Committee of Penn Medicine, a $4 billion enterprise. He is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Curry College, in Milton, Massachusetts. Other affiliations include The Penn Club of New York, where he has served on its Board of Governors and The Highfields Golf Club

Mitchell received his BS in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 1973 and his MBA with distinction from Harvard Business School in 1975.

Mitchell joined the research department of Wertheim & Company in June 1975, and chose machinery as his specialty, having worked for a summer at United Engineers & Contractors, in Philadelphia. He appeared on Institutional Investor magazine’s All American research team for fifteen years, “retiring” from research in 1995 while holding the “number one” ranking. Meanwhile, he became a partner in Wertheim in 1984, and in 1995 joined its operating committee, having assumed responsibility for the equity capital markets department. He left the firm in early 1997, joined Furman Selz as an Executive Vice President and a member of its Board of Directors. There he built Wall Street’s second industrial manufacturing group (“the Golden Gear,”) having begun its first at Wertheim (“In Rust We Trust”). He left the "sellside" in 2001, retiring as Vice Chairman of ABN AMRO.



Dr. Ralf T. M.

ES Expert

Dr. Ralf T.M. has intensive experiences and knowledge of waste treatment and recycling business in Germany for over 30 years. He takes a key role for waste recycling projects in Germany as the chief member from the technology panel. He is also the chief industrial expert for Metal Waste Business Plants. He has led the design and construction job for various plants for years.




CS Expert

Mr. Fabrice BOURGEOIS manages 11 companies (11 mandates), his main mandate is as a Director of COMPAGNIE VINICOLE BARON EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD. Mr. BOURGEOIS is active in the Finance sector.



James Mao

CS Expert

Mr. Mao is a management consultant who has rich experience in Sales & Marketing particularly at China market, ever worked for famous multinational enterprises for about 15 years. He was the former National Sales Director at Heinz. Prior to Heinz, Mr. Mao served as National Sales Director at Colgate Palmolive, CBD Manager at P&G. Mr. Mao serves on the board of Carslan International Co. at present.