Key to the success of the investments

Our investment philosophy is to fully capitalize the synergistic effects of combining western technology and management expertise with the strong market demands from emerging markets.

eJnnn Phecda Partners ("eJP") is a multi-sector investment manager of private and public companies' investments. We started our private equity investment management businesses in 2002, and raised eJP's first fund in 2007. Since then, we have managed three series of investments to over 25 companies in a variety of sectors, such as infrastructure, agriculture, consumer and other sectors, with a total realized plus current carrying value in billions of USD.

eJP’s first phase of growth was 2002-2007. Our first private equity investment was done in 2002 with the acquisition of Meida Nylon, a chemical company and producer of engineering plastic, or polyamide chips, raw materials used in high-end motor vehicle manufacturing and key computer components. This investment marked China’s first private equity’s acquisition of controlling interests by a publicly listed SOE. Values were created by a series of vertical and horizontal integration, financial and production management which resulted in increased productivity and market shares.

eJP’s second phase of growth was between 2007 to 2012. We ran a diversified investment portfolio, ranging from agricultural, consumer staples, environmental services, technology and advanced technology-driven infrastructure investments. During the period we invested in our Fund I & II.

Started in 2010, from eJP’s working experience with JP Morgan’s private equity arm, One Equity Partners, we shared the same investment philosophy: investment with a business purpose. We invest in proven trends or attractive sectors rather than companies happen to be on the market for sale. We further believe in the synergistic effects of combining western technology and management expertise with the strong market demands from emerging markets. We invest with a broader strategic plan in mind.

eJP’s third phase of growth began in 2012 to current. eJP’s focuses have been on environmental services and consumer staples, the two sectors that demonstrate strong policy support, growth momentum and long term potentials. In this stage, we raised Fund III.

Having our investment and operation teams based in China (Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing) and select global locations (New York, Hannover Germany and Hong Kong), we are ideally positioned to source, evaluate, and manage investments in the environmental services industry.


Investment Strengths

We are unique because of the three powerful alpha generating capabilities:

1. Cultivate Good Deal Flows at a Fair Price:

2. Synergistic Combination of Industry Know-How and Markets:

3. Management and Structure Optimization: