Insightful Investing

  • Sourcing
  • Focus
  • Synergy

eJP leverages a comprehensive approach to develop exceptional portfolios and deliver the highest quality client service in the asset class.

Vigorous Sourcing and Due Diligence

eJP has a considerable pipeline of potential deals. With the most desirable relationships and in-depth culture and industry knowhow, we cultivate and structure transactions among a broad spectrum of investment opportunities in China.

Deal Sources:

  • Governmental authorities
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Industrial communities and investment associations in different sectors
  • Professional consultants: experts/facilities/partners/alliances network
  • Entrepreneurs private communities
  • Universities and research institutions

Investment Filter Process:

  • Deal flow
  • Initial screening
  • Detailed screening
  • Preliminary due diligence
  • Deal layout
  • Formal due diligence
  • Investment approval

Sector Focus and Market Leadership

eJP is especially targeting growing companies that have competitive edges in the sectors of environmental services, waste recycling / renewable energy, and consumer-driven businesses.

We have the unique ability to provide our targets with optimal growth strategy by significantly reducing time to market, increasing volume throughput and order fulfillment. Targets also benefit from substantial capital injection to satisfy CAPEX spending.

We work tirelessly to understand the goal and business position of the companies to fine tune the investment concept. With the goal to propel the business into a market leader, eJP invests a significant portion to fund the meaningful acquisitions and capital expenditure.

Synergistic Partnerships

eJP provides its portfolio companies with more than just financial investments. We are active investors. Not only do we take an active role on the board of these companies, but we are also deeply involved in the following aspects-

  • Partner with world industry leaders, eJP grows the business for the portfolio companies by partnering with industry conglomerates to ensure that investments will be well operated and managed with commercial production at the highest level.
  • Partner with management team of its portfolio companies, eJP develops opportunities for the business and optimizes their financial structure. We also support the portfolio companies’ strategic M&As in realizing their strategic or structural changes.
  • Partner with lending institutions. eJP views banking as one of the core tools in the investment process. When properly used, project financing can dramatically transform the company's value perception. By arranging financing for the project in advance, we can simplify decision-making process and provide immediate improvements in NPV and cash flow. We are simultaneously working with our strategic bank partners to develop better financing structures for the portfolio companies, resulting in lower cash flow risk.
Investment Thesis

Investment Thesis

Society and Environment, Benefits for All Stakeholders, and Long-term Value.

China is heavily polluted but future economic growth is unattainable without environmental cleanup.

Majority of Chinese environmental services businesses are early-stage small, medium enterprises that can use access to capital, better management, and enhanced know-how to accelerate their growth.

Small and medium Western companies make ideal Chinese partners but most Western companies find China a difficult market.

Our team is the right balance of local and foreign, and is ideally positioned to source, evaluate, and manage investments in Chinese businesses.

We seek to build attractive businesses which can be sold to multinationals or larger Chinese companies as they seek to enter this sector.