Sector Focus, Global Vision

Visionary Experience

Our investment teams consist of successful and sophisticated professionals who have individually and collectively executed over 100 transactions from both buy-side and sell-sides; all partners have over 20 years of investment experience.

Our operation and project management teams of professionals have demonstrated exceptional leadership in project construction, production management, human resource, and people skills. The operation teams remain closely connected with the investment teams while overseeing portfolio companies to ensure they operate with high efficiency and within expectations.

In addition, we also have a team of seasoned and influential Westerners and Western‐educated Chinese on our advisory board and expert panel to assist with deal sourcing and provide expert opinions on the industry, technology and market matters.

I had worked with eJP for over a decade where I represented Bank of China. I trust them, and have a lot of respect for all that they have accomplished and the great value they have delivered to clients over the years. With eJP's global expertise and socially responsible investment strategies, I am confident that our partnership going forward will continue to be extremely successful.

-- Voice from Bank of China

With considerable efforts from both parties, eJP has done a great job with OEP in exploring transactions in China as well as looking to make good investments in those opportunities.

-- Voice from JP Morgan

Founding Partner Background

Margot Song

eJnnn Phecda Partners (eJP) is a global investment manager founded by Ms. Margot Song. eJP specializes in investing in the environmental service industry, with offices and representatives in the U.S. (New York), China (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing) and Europe (Paris and Hannover).

Ms. Margot Song founded eJP single-handedly in 2002, after spending 10 years at Bank of China and having risen through the corporate ladder to senior leadership position. The rare combination of entrepreneurship, investment talent, risk management rigor and interpersonal skills in the founder propelled eJP as a company into the success of 3 funds that followed.

In 2002, Ms. Song led eJP's private equity investment debut with the acquisition of Meida Nylon Chemical Co., the largest Chinese manufacturer of nylon chips and served in the role of executive director for over 6 years, and grew the company into a leading player of high-end polyamide chips in Asia. Since then, Ms. Song assembled and led an investment team that has generated extraordinary track records and has been actively working with European leading companies in environmental services.

eJP’s investment success and contribution to the environment and the well-being of the society were recognized from the highest levels of the European and Chinese governments, during Ms. Song’s meeting with the French Prime Minister, Mr. Bernard Cazeneuve in Beijing February 2017. Likewise, Mr. ZHANG Ping, Vice Chairman in charge of environmental legislation at the National Party Congress (NPC) praised eJP’s business as an “exemplary” in investment success and social impact during his recent visit and meeting with Ms. Song in Nanjing in July 2017.

Ms. Song has an EMBA degree from Peking University, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Shanghai Fudan University.